Maine Coon Cat Care Features

Maine Coon is a breed native to North America. Cats are considered noble due to their extraordinary beauty: powerful bodies, sophisticated faces and ears with tassels, like a lynx. In addition, Maine Coons have very beautiful eyes: a little slanting and large, the color is golden, amber or green. The body has a rectangular shape. The structure of the figure is completed by a large and powerful chest, while the size of the body can be different.

This is not an artificially bred breed, Maine Coon is a cat of natural origin. In their natural habitat – Maine – it’s cold, so cats have a thick and warm coat that cleans them from freezing. In addition, they often have to deal with snow. Rough paws help them in this, between the fingers of which you can find additional wool, which also warms them.

Characteristic In the photo you could already admire the charm of Maine Coon cats, and from the description it became clear that the growth sizes can be different, although at the same time they always remain large compared to other cats. In addition, they have a different color and density of coat. The head of a real Maine Coon should be extended in length (usually in cats it is extended in width). The skull is massive, the cheekbones on the muzzle are raised up.

The eyes are similar in color to the color of the coat. The neck is medium in size. The limbs are as large as the body and head of the animal. All these signs make Maine Coon the biggest cats.

Care Rules

During the first two weeks after the cat moves to your home, experts do not recommend any procedures other than the main ones, as this can bring additional stress to the animal. The exception is combing and, if necessary, bathing.

Necessary items and accessories

You can quench your thirst for cat games with any toy. It does not matter what it will be. You can, for example, use a regular rubber ball. Maine Coons love to play with him, chasing elusive fun around the house.

When choosing a claw-claw, it must be foreseen that cats should stretch to their full height while they sharpen their claws. In addition to high length, these devices must also be strong to withstand heavy weight.

By default, a cat must have its bowls (for water and food) and a tray. Better if it is closed. The bowls should be strong, as it is likely that a strong animal will begin to play with it, wallowing on the floor.

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