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We do not have much experience in breeding Maine Coons and Devon Rexes, but we try to get as much as possible in theory and practice. Our pets have not been published so much yet, but absolutely all new owners are happy with our pets and have become real family members for them. We advise everyone and try to keep in touch with them.

If you came here, it means that you are interested in our cattery. That is why you may be interested in the history of the Just Magic kennel creation. All our lives we have had cats. And, as a rule, at least 3. We could not imagine our existence without cats in the house. They were full-fledged members of our family. And so it lasted until the daughter fell in love with the Devon Rex, having previously studied all the materials that she could find about them. And we all realized that it is really just such a breed that we still need in our house. And now it happened – in the cattery of our city, a Devon Rex cat Rachel was purchased! Since then, our life has changed radically. We couldn’t imagine life without Devon Rex. Immediately there was a feeling that several cats appeared in the house. With her restless character, she managed to help us cook food, and play with her daughter, immediately be on the door jamb, and immediately bring an apport. This was the whole breed, whether a cat, or a dog, or a monkey! And with all this movement of hers, she somehow managed not to break anything or break anything. The appearance of Rachel in our house somehow imperceptibly influenced our worldview.  And we thought about how to seriously engage in breeding cats, to give people the joy of communicating with them, to breed kittens in the cattery that meet all standards, healthy and beautiful. And this is how the Just Magic cattery appeared, registered in the WCF system. And, as always, the appetite comes with eating – it was decided to acquire the complete opposite of the Devon Rex, the majestic giant Maine Coon. And now, having withstood the long journey from St. Petersburg, the threshold of our house was crossed by Polina, a huge tortoiseshell kitten with a stern expression on her face. And six months later, the whole house was filled with the stomp of running feet of Devon Rex and Mainecoon kittens. Everyone living in our big house was carried away by all these feline affairs. And since there were several breeding cats, there were several groups of kindergarten for cats – nursery, junior and middle ones, in the house. A new meaning of life has appeared – selection, upbringing, socialization and health of kittens came out on top. I really wanted and would like to achieve success in this. The nursery is young, not very experienced, but the main thing is that there is a desire to achieve good results and there are experienced breeders on whose support and advice you can rely on. The main thing was to breed kittens wearing the Just Magic prefix, to help a new owner choose a kitten from our cattery so that he would have a good opinion of our cattery, and we were calm for our pupil. The sale of kittens for breeding is especially responsible, we try to do all the examinations, vaccinations, and prochip. The goal was to make a name for their kennel. Currently, the site of the kennel contains up-to-date information on how to buy Devonrex, Maine Coon. How to reserve a kitten in our cattery, how to choose, all this can be found on the site. The kittens for sale section contains photo galleries of pets, which we constantly update. In the section contacts – all our contacts. We willingly answer calls, we try to contact customers personally, because we also need to be sure that we are giving the kitten in good hands. Each of them becomes a part of our soul and family. That is why we are very happy when new owners send us greetings from our graduates in the form of photos. We try to understand when a person wants to buy a kitten – is he ready to take responsibility for this kitten, which, with all its beauty and natural qualities, is still a living being with its own character, a desire to be loved and caressed, sometimes sick. If he consciously goes to all this and it is easier and easier for him to help choose a kitten, and then the kitten will pay him a hundredfold for his care and affection. This is how our nursery became our goal in life. Breeding kittens is a rather complicated, interesting and responsible process. A person who wants to look at our section on the site Kittens for sale, before choosing a kitten and buying a kitten, should weigh everything well, before taking responsibility for the kitten.