Who are we

Kennel Just Magic

Cattery: Devon Rex and Maine Coon.

If you visited our site, then you are interested in where to buy such kittens? The answer is simple - with us!

Our names are Olga and Marina Belovintsevs. Our nursery is located in the city of Sumy, Ukraine. It's called Just Magic, which means - just magic! The name itself speaks of these cat breeds! Registered under the WCF system.

All our funny Devon Rexes and magnificent Maine Coons live with us in a private house and are full members of our family. Creating a cattery, we set a goal - breeding healthy kittens that meet the standards of these breeds.

We invite you to meet our kittens. Huge ears, big eyes and curly velor hair of energetic Devon Rex and gentle giants, kings among cats, Maine Coons, with whom happiness and comfort come to your house, will not leave you indifferent.

Our kittens are always surrounded by love and care, together with us they learn all the basics of upbringing for further independent life. We give our kittens only when they have already learned everything and are ready to become full members of the new family. We vaccinate all kittens according to the vaccination schedule, kittens are accustomed to the tray and scratching post.

We are pleased to provide a complete package of documents. But you can buy our pet without documents - just for the soul, at a lower price.


Medical diagnostics

We carry out regular medical care


We care

We love and care for our cats.



We provide a complete package of documents for our pets



Our adult cats participate in exhibitions

Yes, we provide a full package of documents for all kittens, as well as the pedigree of their parents, all the information you can view on our website, or check with the manager.

Yes, of course, we deliver our pets around the world. Our partners will draw up a full package of documents for customs.

Our nursery is located in Ukraine, Sumy. You can view more detailed information on the contact page.

"FREE" - The kitten is free for sale.

"OPTION" - Negotiations are ongoing, but he may be free at any time.

"RESERVE" - A reserve has been made for the kitten. Sometimes the reserve can be withdrawn and the kitten again becomes free.

"SOLD" - The kitten is sold.