How to buy a kitten

To transport a kitten to a new home, you need to buy a carrier (it is better to take a large one for growth), put a disposable diaper in it and take wet wipes with you just in case.

And also to buy a kitten for a kitten, it is desirable that it be high and stable. And even better if the kitten has its own house with a game complex.

If you saw that the kitten got to your furniture - you need to calmly, without punishing, bring the front legs to the claw-tip and explain to the kitten what is required of them. They learn the world by touch and taste. I have no doubt that after the second time he will not take up furniture.

Buy a tray, a fecal scoop with large holes, a filler that the kitty is used to. If you have a large house or a large area for a kitten, it is better to have several trays in accessible places.
And you will also need to purchase bowls for water and feed. Bowls should be stable. Preferably glass or ceramic.

Get the food that the kitten is used to.
Kittens, like children, love to frolic and play, so take care of toys for them. A hair care comb (if you buy Maine Coon) It should be flat and metal.

Dangerous: drafts, open windows and balconies (the windows should have a strong net so that the kitten does not fall out), unstable objects that you can climb on, glass objects that he can throw off and cut.

Flower pots are placed close to the window frame, so that he does not go behind and drop it. Some house plants for cats are poisonous! Always open doors with care - take care of the tail!

Threads, needles, small objects should not lie openly - a kitten or cat can try them, like children. Ensure drug inaccessibility - many cats perceive drugs as valerian.

In the early days, limit the kitten's space, for example, to one room where there will be a tray for the toilet, as well as a bowl of water and food. Open the carrier and let the kitten inspect itself.

A kitten needs time to get used to and adapt to a new place of residence. Play with the kitten, offer him food and water, and also periodically drop him on the toilet tray, because the baby in the new environment may not orient and not having endured, go to the toilet in another place.

If you see that the kitten is scurrying, sniffing and scratching its paws on the floor, take it to the tray. Gradually open the kitten access to other rooms. Be patient and be careful when dealing with a kitten. In matters of education should be firm without excessive fanaticism.

At first it is advisable to follow the recommendations of the breeder. There is no need to make drastic changes in the kitten’s nutrition, this can lead to digestive upset, feed him the way he used to in the first days. Make sure that the kitten always has clean water in the public domain. Any changes in nutrition should occur gradually.

How to buy a kitten

If you have the opportunity, then you can come to us for a kitten, and we also provide assistance with delivery in Ukraine and abroad! (all expenses for the delivery of kittens to other cities and other countries are borne by the buyer)

Pre-select the kitten you like, according to the photo and nickname, and contact us in any way convenient for you.

And we will agree on further actions for the final selection of your future pet. The price of a kitten depends on many factors, so find out the price for a particular kitten. The price of a kitten with breeding rights is negotiated separately.