Maine Coon


When she first saw Polina on the site of her ancestral nursery, it was already impossible to take her eyes off her important, harsh face.

When she began to live in our house, it turned out that her royal harsh posture hides the dog’s loyalty and grace of a huge cat, playfulness and affection.

Maine Coon

Eva-Markiza Novella

Novella (in household use - Nastya) is a huge, brightly colored cat, with large tassels on her ears and a thick long fur coat. Huge and majestic, calm and balanced, knowing her own worth. Majestic, like the land where she was born. She comes from Siberia. To get to our nursery, Nastya traveled 4990 kilometers

Devon rex


Rafaelka began our serious work as a nursery. Behind the tsar's grace, importance (the blood of the pedigree affects) lies the loving, always jumping somewhere and always running Rafaelka.

Very curious and playful, loving to take a nap on your chest in the evening.

Maine Coon


Betty, despite her important, calm appearance, is very playful and cheerful, loving to chat with people. For her exceptional feline character and beauty, her entire litter also speaks.

It is worth going into the room as you are already covered in kittens, like a Christmas tree. They would play for days with people. You wonder where these big cats get energy and kindness.

Maine Coon

Country Gulliver's Khalifa

The name of the Khalifa of the Country of Gullivers speaks for itself and comments here are superfluous. Large, with good long hair. An important and graceful gait speaks of the noble blood flowing in her veins.

Maine Coon

Barin Incanto Vista

The name Barin speaks for itself. A huge, imposing cat, who knows his own worth, a leader always and in everything.


Calvine Just Magic

To say that Kelvin (Kolya's house) is restless is to put it mildly. Energy is in full swing, a typical Devonian. Without him, absolutely nothing is done in the house. And at the same time, wherever the owner goes, he must sit on his shoulder. House cleaning is a favorite pastime to ride a vacuum cleaner. With his irrepressible temperament, a playful, benevolent, eternally purring cat, who loves to give his warmth and kindness to the owners, never letting them get  bored