Vitas Devon Rex
Viskarik Devon Rex
Vajber Devon Rex
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Ustina Devon Rex
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Uslada Devon Rex
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Ursula Devon Rex
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Umka Devon Rex
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How to buy a Devon Rex kitten from Sumy cattery?

Have you decided to buy a Devon Rex kitten?

Then this page is for you. We present to you our Devon Rex kittens and photos of kittens' parents. In our cattery you can choose a Devon Rex kitten. We sell Devon Rex kittens both for the soul and for breeding. If you are interested in the price of a Devon Rex kitten, do not hesitate, ask and ask questions about the price and the class of each Devon Rex kitten. This can be done both by phone: +38(095)123-26-52  , and by e-mail marina180975@gmail.соm.

We will be happy to answer all your questions. All our Devon Rex kittens are tested for the carrier of genetic diseases, so we are confident in the health of each Devon Rex kitten. When purchasing any Devon Rex kitten, the new owner receives: Agreement on the transfer of ownership of the Devon Rex kitten (when selling a kitten for breeding) Pedigree of a Devon Rex kitten or metric.
Veterinary passport with marks on deworming and vaccination against infectious diseases.
Choose devon rex kittens in our cattery. Our Devon Rexes are waiting for their mothers and fathers.