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Cat food

UPD This article is the result of long-term observation of their animals, basic knowledge about anatomy and physiology of cats, the study of a large number of Internet articles. Invaluable help had a book published in 2014 by Royal Canin “Encyclopedia of clinical nutrition of cats”, Pascal Pibo, Vincent Burge, Denise [...]

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Maine Coon Cat Care Features

Maine Coon is a breed native to North America. Cats are considered noble due to their extraordinary beauty: powerful bodies, sophisticated faces and ears with tassels, like a lynx. In addition, Maine Coons have very beautiful eyes: a little slanting and large, the color is golden, amber or green. The [...]

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Description of the breed Devon Rex

Devon Rex is a relatively young species. Its history originates in 1960 in the good old England. Once, several random passersby noticed unusual cats near an abandoned mine. The animals attracted attention with surprisingly wavy hair. After several attempts, people managed to catch one of the members of the flock. [...]

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